Challenge #3 Bigger in TEXAS

This is our third year to participate in the Student Challenge so we had already added the widgets suggested in Challenge#3. So we started thinking about what might interest you about our state of Texas. One of the best known sayings about Texas is that, “Everything’s always BIGGER in Texas.” Some people even think that we ride around on horses and all own oil wells. We have searched and put together some slides that will give you a chance to decided….Fact or Nonfact. Is everything bigger in Texas? Or do we just like to believe it is?

Taking a Bite Out of the World

worldQuite a bit has changed since last year’s blogging challenge, but our commitment to establishing world connections has not faltered. We began this blog with two teachers, Mrs. Cranford and Mrs. Odom,  thus the C-O.  I have now been given an additional responsibility on this campus, but Mrs. Odom and I remain with the student bloggers of the C-O Connections.  We hope that you will continue to visit our blog and continue to leave your comments because we love to read them.

On our “Meet Our Class” page, you will read a little bit about us. Last year we were rewarded for our hard work by winning the 2009 Edubloggers Challenge.  You will see the badge posted along the sidebar of our blog. Our intermediate school in East Texas is a wonderful place to go to school, and we will be sharing our experiences with you this year.

Please let us know what you think. After all, YOU are the reason we continue to grow and make even more connections.

Summer Fun in 3D

Summer is in full force and it is hot here in Texas.  My grandchildren and I decided to take this time to catch the new Pixar movie, UP in 3D, in the comfort of the air-conditioned theater.  It was a really good movie which taught some valuable lessons. There were some parts that were rather sad in my opinion, but all loved it nonetheless.

The coolest part was the 3D glasses! We were all issued (paid $2.50 extra for issuance) a pair of 3D glasses at the ticket window so that we could view the movie and all of its special effects.  I really didn’t know if the kiddos would leave them on their faces for the entire time, but it proved not to be a problem.

It is a tradition with my grandchildren (One that I began about 7 years ago) that at the end of the movie when the music plays and the credits roll, that we head to the front of the theater to enjoy a celebration dance. This day was to be no different. Below is an Animoto of our day date to see UP in 3D.

What have you been doing this summer? Write me a comment and let me know.

Challenge09 #10 – Enticing the Reader


School's Out May 29th! See you again in August.

I think we are going to make it! We have successfully maintained participation in Miss Wyatt’s Blog Challenge 09 thus far. This is the tenth challenge with only two more to come. We are to entice our readers. What better way to do that right here at summertime than with some talk of SUMMER.  We will be adding posts over the summer on the subject of Summer FUN.  We hope that you will continue to follow us throughout our summer break and make comments along the way.

Some of the plans that our students have for the summer include:

Six Flags Over Texas

Great Wolf Lodge

Destin, Florida

Gulf Shores, Alabama

Nashville, Tennessee

What will YOU do during your break? We want to know. Please share that information with us in a comment.