Blog Challenge09 #7


Miss Wyatt’s challenge #7  proved to be very interesting for our kids.  As the class discussed vacations, they came to realize that a vacation really doesn’t have to be anything fancy.  A vacation is simply going somewhere with the family and spending quality time together.  I hope you enjoy the recaps of our students’ most memorable vacations.

adrian1My favorite vacation was a trip to Washington D.C. I flew with my mom, dad, grandmother, and my little brother.  We went to see where the president lives.  It had lots of presidents on the wall.


alex-150x150One of my favorite vacations was a trip to Six Flags over Texas.  I went with my mom and dad.  We drove there and spent the night.  We rode lots of rides together.  We went to Hurricane Harbour too.


kristen-150x150My best vacation was when I went to Wyoming.  I went in my mom’s car.  My mom, her boyfriend, and my sister went in the summer.  We saw the state flag.  We had a lot of fun.


Do you have a favorite vacation or even a dream vacation?  We would love to hear about yours and be sure to link some attractions that you saw, or would love to see.

Count Out Three #8

2288210324_280aa3069aAs a part of the Blog Challenge09 #8, we were asked to complete a task called “Count Out Three”.  We were to visit one of the participant’s blogs and leave a comment. Then we were to visit one of the blogs listed in their blogroll and leave a comment. The third blog visit was to come from the second’s blogroll. This quest was really rewarding.

We first visited Mrs. Yollis’ Classroom Blog a third grade class from California. There we read paragraphs written by the students about their Halloween costumes. The students are very good writers. In fact they have a badge widget that says that they won the 2009 Digital Voice Award. We also visited Mrs. Yollis’ website, which is awesome!

From her blogroll we linked to Mr. Salsich’s Class, Connecticutt. We were especially intrigued by a blog post there about a Nature Scape field trip. We are in the process of building a Nature Center on a piece of land adjacent to our intermediate school. We are excited about its completion.  One of our classes just released passion butterflies into the Nature Center. The page links were very helpful and contained a lot of good information.

Our Count Three took us to a New Zealand blog called Pt England Scribes.  The recordings of the students stories were well read and has given us some good ideas about story retelling.

This blog challenge took us out of our boundaries and into the world of student bloggers.

Blog Challenge09 #8

kid thumbing fingers

The students at White Oak Intermediate are becoming aware of our digital footprint and how important it is for us to watch what we post online for the world to view.  We have discussions prior to ever accessing the internet about internet safety and the problems that can result because of its misuse. While our classroom teachers stress these guidelines, it is our computer lab teacher that really brings meaning to the concept.

We have the best computer teacher in the world. She begins the first of every year talking to us about digital citizenship and commenting guidelines. Her name is Nina Peery, and you can find all kinds of helpful information on her technology blog, Keystrokes.  After two weeks of internet safety, we review our what we have learned by playing Internet Safety Games that Mrs. Peery designed.

Blog Challenge09 #4

Animated_World3This week’s challenge asked that we add a couple of different kinds of widgets:

  1. A translator
  2. A Widget that tells something about our region

Also, we were asked to visit blogs from five different countries and tell what we learned from these blogs.  Below are listed the blogs that we visited and on which we left comments:

  • – This is Miss Trask’s blog from New Zealand.  I was so surprised to see that right there in one of her posts there was a pingback to my own grandson’s blog, Tyler’s Talking.  I immediately gave him a call on the phone and told him I was sending him the link via email.  He once told me that he just didn’t have anything interesting to say and wondered if anyone would ever read his posts. I guess this proves it to him. Thank you, Miss Trask.
  • – We visited Canada’s own Mr. Toft’s blog where he has his students listed as additional Category links. Under the blogroll, each student is listed by his/her own ID number and first name.  This is an excellent use of categories, and I fully intend to use it with our Gifted and Talented students’ class blog. Great idea!
  • – Mrs. Knott and Mrs. Webster from Scotland have more than one thing in common with us. First of all, we both have chosen the same blog theme, but both look different in their own unique ways. It shows how versatile blogging designs can be to create a personal identity for your class. We also have added the adopt-a-pet widget and even went so far as to adopt THE SAME PET. I see that they teach 33 students and they are listed as Primary 7. I am interested in the significance of that listing. Are there 7 classes of Primary students?
  • – This post was written by fan10, but this is the Maria Markaki School in Greece. It is a school of foreign language and students attend daily to practice their English skills. I am fascinated that the language we speak right here in Texas is the basis for an entire school. So interesting.
  • – Mrs. Dominguez’s blog (Chile) is written in Spanish.  There is not a translator on her blog, but it is full of interesting videos and I particularly liked the one where the group made the sound of rain.  I left a comment anyway, hoping that she will be able to translate it. We have a translator on our blog and invited her students to visit and read our posts.

Blog Challenge09 #3


In response to the third Blog Challenge, we have added categories to the widgets of our sidebars. Why didn’t we think of this before? It makes searching through our postings so much easier. You may now choose the Blog Challenge09 category to read all of our postings for this year and last year’s challenge. Thank you, Miss Wyatt, for this suggestion.

In addition, we are enjoying visiting and leaving comments on this year’s participant’s blogs.  Last year, we were the only class on our campus who joined in on the challenge. This year three other classes have jumped in with us. Please visit Mrs. Carrington’s Bright Spots, Mrs. Johnson’s Four Corners, and Mrs. Saccoccio’s Class Blog and leave a comment. Please tell them that the C-O Connections sent you their way.

Blog Challenge09 #1


Welcome to our class blog.  We are so excited to be blogging again this year.  This school year our class is a combination of 3rd,4th, and 5th graders.  As the kids and I continue our learning journey, I hope you also continue leaving your comments.  The kids really enjoy being able to converse with other kids their age in different countries.  Although Mrs. Cranford has taken on additional responsiblities this year, she still plays a very intricate part in our blogging adventures.  Thanks for visiting and taking the time to reply.  Your comments are always welcome!