Challenge #8 – 3 Altogether

Animated countdown

The count down is on and in just a few short weeks the Blog Challenge will end. This week the challenge is to visit the suggested blogs and leave a combined total of three comments altogether. After visiting each of the blogs, we decided that we would comment on the following:

  1. Ripple Effect – The students loved the Pivot Animation projects and we are eager to try one of our own.
  2. 4/5/6 Learning Centre – We have learned so much from the related links on her sidebar and also enjoy reading the regular posts. The plan to meet at lunchtime to help new bloggers was such a good idea. We may implement something like that ourselves.
  3. Mrs Ratzel – The Top Ten listing provided an authentic look into the minds of students and their thoughts on blogging. We are also honored to appear in their sidebar as one of the many blogs that this classroom follows. For that we thank you.

Having completed Challenge 8, we will also be completing our voting for 2010 Edublog Awards within the next week. We are sure that some of our favorite will finish on top.

Taking a Bite Out of the World

worldQuite a bit has changed since last year’s blogging challenge, but our commitment to establishing world connections has not faltered. We began this blog with two teachers, Mrs. Cranford and Mrs. Odom,  thus the C-O.  I have now been given an additional responsibility on this campus, but Mrs. Odom and I remain with the student bloggers of the C-O Connections.  We hope that you will continue to visit our blog and continue to leave your comments because we love to read them.

On our “Meet Our Class” page, you will read a little bit about us. Last year we were rewarded for our hard work by winning the 2009 Edubloggers Challenge.  You will see the badge posted along the sidebar of our blog. Our intermediate school in East Texas is a wonderful place to go to school, and we will be sharing our experiences with you this year.

Please let us know what you think. After all, YOU are the reason we continue to grow and make even more connections.

We WON!!


That’s right!! We WON!  Boy, were we ever excited. Monday brought about several surprises for our students. First of all, we received an email from Sue Waters, Edubloggers, letting us know that we had won in the Embedded Media Division of the Blog Challenge09 Competition.  Whoa!

Next, the newspaper came out to do a feature piece on us because only recently did we ship a package to Myles Webb’s Class, in New Zealand, and they responded with some awesome posts.  We shared their website with him and answered all of his questions.

The reported asked how blogging had improved our writing skills and then he asked the students how they felt about blogging.  They were certainly NOT at a loss for words to share their thoughts.

How do you feel about blogging? How do you think it affects all of your school subjects?

Will you continue to blog over the summer months? We want to know.