Why Are School Buses Yellow?

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Soon drivers will see a lot of school buses filled with our children. Have you ever wondered exactly why they are all the same yellow color? Wonderopolis does a fantastic job of explaining this. Please share with your classroom or your own students. Wonderopolis teaches children to THINK and ASK QUESTIONS. It is an amazing way to begin, or even end, your day with your children.

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Practice Vocabulary With Word Frog

With the beginning of school, comes the exposure of students to new vocabulary. The game, Word Frog, gives students a glimpse at some of the skills which they will apply during the intermediate grades.

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Recently posted on TeachersFirst:

“Practice antonyms, synonyms, and homonyms with the word eating frog. Simply click to match the correct answer. Practice your speed and accuracy. Your final score will be shared at the end. This site is ideal for beginner readers, but you must be able to read basic sight words. Students learning what antonyms, synonyms, and homonyms mean will also find valuable practice at this site.”


Congruent or Not Congruent?

Congruent……what a strange word! All it means is that objects are the same size and same shape. Try your hand at finding the shape that is NOT congruent with all the others in the Spaceman Game below. Click on the picture and then find the ONE spaceman that is different from the others. That one is NOT congruent with the others.

If you are successful in all 15 levels, the spaceman will return to earth.  Good luck!


Try the other math games on Toy Theater to help you practice other math skills.

The History of Thanksgiving Day

Our families all celebrate in different ways. My family gathers at the deer camp for hunting, eating, and sharing stories. We love being together in the woods much like the Pilgrims. Some families travel in order to gather with family members. Others take advantage of the Thanksgiving Holidays to begin a shopping tradition. How do you celebrate Thanksgiving Day?

Watch the video and then take the quiz!