Challenge09 #8 Animals in the Wild – Continued…


What wonderful timing!  We were asked to link to websites or videos to THE animal we would prefer to see in the wild rather than in a zoo.  Our class had made a list researched on Facts4Me, but we were having a really hard time narrowing the selection down to the one we would choose above the rest.

Meanwhile, just outside our classroom, the third graders in Mrs. Blankenship’s room were in the middle of a measurement lesson which combined both Science and Math. We watched the development of this project with great anticipation and curiosity.  These students first measured the average length of the blue whale (Thanks to Mr. Webb and Room 8 Melville for this awesome link) and hung crepe paper from the ceiling tiles to equal that length.  They then predicted whether or not the combined height of the total students in the classroom would equal the length of the whale’s body.  Lying along a tape measure, each student’s data was recorded and tagged with the name and total feet/inches.  It was proven that the total height of students was sufficient to equal the length of a blue whale. Students were then asked to lie on the floor along the tape measure, head to foot, to give them a true understanding of the magnitude of this great mammal.

This made such an impact on my students that without hesitation they have choosen as the animal they would love to see in the wild would be the blue whale.

Thank you for this Blog Challenge.

We have Blog Visitors from all over the world, and we would like to know….Are there whales where you live?  If so, have you ever had the privilege of seeing one in the wild?  We would love to know!

7 thoughts on “Challenge09 #8 Animals in the Wild – Continued…

  1. When I went on holidays a few years ago, I went to Queensland. I went on a whale tour boat for a day. While sitting at the edge of the boat a humpback whale was diving under our boat (by this time our engines were off and we were just floating). The whale came right up at the side of the boat and I could pat it on its nose. There were three of four whales in the pod and they were heading north on their migration to warmer waters.

  2. Dear C-O,
    Thank you for this great video. We watched it together as a class. James, a student in our class, is studying blue whales. He especially enjoyed the video.
    Mrs. Yollis’ Class

  3. Hi
    I’m from a school in the adelaide hills. I like your blog expeshalie the whale movie.Come and visit our class blog at and leave a reply.
    From Jeremy

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