Earth Day – April 22nd


We have added a new podcast to the Virtual Roughneck podcasting blog and wanted to be sure that our visitors were aware of its posting.  Rather than repost the content here, we will simply link to it so that you can watch our presentation.

Be sure to follow the links on our sidebar under the heading, “Hometown Connections”, to Our Class Website (It is an excellent resource! You must check out the Student Websites links), Cranford’s Podcasts, Roughneck Moodle (Our elementary online courses),  our Monthly PDF Assignments (a research database that we regularly use with pdf assignments that are changed monthly), and our Holiday Heyday activities (which provide varied monthly links and a pdf calendar skills practice drill) .

Let us know what you find helpful here.  We would love to have your feedback.

3 thoughts on “Earth Day – April 22nd

  1. Hi,
    We also have some activities on the Earth day For example wall papers and ecology lessons. We had a real ball last week. Today we’ve had a festival of English language.
    Students from Russia.

  2. Its arrived its arrived its arrived! The Package that Mrs Cranford sent for us in New Zealand has just arrived at Mr Webb’s house this afternoon! We will be taking many pictures and doing a post tomorrow about this (New Zealand time), stay tuned!

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