Challenge09 #4 – Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle

globe-inside-a-light-bulb-giclee-print-c12351362How do you reduce, reuse and recycle at your home or school?

That  was the question posed to us by the Blog Challenge09, and we intend to answer that question. In January, we had a Recycling Fair at our school. Each class prepared a poster and targeted one way in which we could reduce, reuse, and recyle. Parents were invited and the community has since started a recycling center.

On March 28th @ 8:30 we have another chance to help our planet by taking part in Earth Hour.  We need you to commit to turning off your lights for one hour.

Have you ever wonder just how many lights are used around the entire world?  How much energy could we save if we just turned them off when we are not using them?

Click on the bulb below to take a closer look at all the lights. Then tell me one thing you could plan to do in the dark at 8:30 p.m. Saturday night, March 28th.


31 thoughts on “Challenge09 #4 – Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle

  1. Hello from Scotland!

    Thanks very much for visiting our blog and leaving your kind comment. Your blog has now been added to our blogroll.

    In class we’ve been writing lyrics for eco songs and hope to post them on our blog soon.

    Mrs C

    P.S. I love the lightbulb picture, I can’t wait to show it to my class.

  2. We created a video about how we use the worm farm at school to recycle all the left over food scraps from students lunches we have posted this online on our blog at

  3. Our 4th/5th grade class is also focused on reducing, recycling and reusing. We did a problem-based learning unit in the fall and came up with many ways for our school to be more green. We looked at ways to reduce the amount of paper we use and we created a “green team” and had a “green day”. We really like your blog and will add it to our blog list. We hope you visit our class blog too!

    Happy blogging!
    Mrs. Comincioli and Class

    • We have linked your blog to our blogroll. We will be checking back to see what great work you are posting. I really like the Science projects, and I know my students will also. We look forward to seeing our blog appear on your page. What a great way to make connections!

  4. We have started recycling all the paper we use in our classroom. We have a big bin for it to go into. The light challenge is interesting. I will do it, I am not sure how many of my students will, one was thinking about organising a candle to read by!
    Thanks for visiting our class blog, really appreciate your comments.

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  6. Hi,
    Our class has just started blogging this year too and we are very excited. It’s great when we get to see all the visitors to our Blog. We are looking forward to sharing our learning with the world. We’ll visit again soon
    Mrs Shep’s Bungee Jumping Cookies

  7. Hi Pam!
    There you are, your site is already in our blog roll!
    I visited your blog, the other day, with two students, and we enjoyed clicking on the bulb and were amazed with all thatlight.
    Yesterday, I put all lights off and read at the light of a candle, about “Nuno Alvares Pereira”.
    My young students went away on Friday, for 2 weeks of Easter holidays; I hope they will come spontaneously to visit our new blog friends.
    s. Ines

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