Give Peeps a Chance

Easter is right around the corner, so we thought it would be a great time to test your knowledge of the infamous Easter marshmallow treat, the Peep.  Just how much do you “think” you know?


peep pic


Now think about this. If you could create a brand new kind of Peep, what would it be? Also what color or flavor would you choose?

When you have finished posting your comment on these questions, you are going to want to visit our class website’s Holiday Heyday for some Easter math and reading fun.

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37 thoughts on “Give Peeps a Chance

  1. Hi, we’ve never heard of peeps before but we are keen to try some. There are 24 people in the class. Thank you for the offer! that is very generous of you.Thank you for the opportunity!!!Kalib Melvile School Hamilton New Zealand

  2. Hi me and my friend have never heard of peeps before we had a go with the qustions.We got like two right. I really want to try some.Thanks for the offer.From Scott Melville School Hamilton New Zealand

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