A Day of Their Own


mThis Tuesday our fourth graders will have the chance to show off their writing skills to the state of Texas. We know they are up to the TEST! Let’s show our support for their day by following the district and state guidelines set forth.

Please observe that there will be No Visitors allowed on campus this Tuesday and Outside Food may not be brought in on a testing day. This is not just for our fourth graders, but for all of our students on a TAKS testing day. Each intermediate grade level will have a day of their own this year. In fact, they will have a few of them. It is wonderful to live in a community where we all support each other.

Good Luck, Fourth Grade!

Have You Ever Wondered?

thinking boyI am sure that the answer to that question is, “All the time!” Well just this morning I found a site, a blog actually, that poses questions of wonder.  It is called Wonderopolis.  I immediately added a widget to the sidebar of our blog so that students could easily access this blog. I will also be adding it to our blogroll, and I hope that you will too.

This blog is great for building vocabulary, igniting writing, and just imparting knowledge.  Click on the tab, “Wonders” across the top and be amazed at the amount of information that is located right here at your fingertips. This is sure to be a favorite of all your students.

I also encourage your class to “Nominate a Wonder” themselves. Then let me know if your question was chosen. I would love to know.