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“Practice antonyms, synonyms, and homonyms with the word eating frog. Simply click to match the correct answer. Practice your speed and accuracy. Your final score will be shared at the end. This site is ideal for beginner readers, but you must be able to read basic sight words. Students learning what antonyms, synonyms, and homonyms mean will also find valuable practice at this site.”


Follow the BOUNCE N Ball

CLICK to access the PPT Slides for “Follow the Bounce N Ball”

Here are the PPT slides for the TCEA Tots and Technology Conference presentation ,”Follow the Bounce N Ball”. Discover a way to combine information in a fun and engaging way by using the free Web 2.0 tool, Bounce. Originally designed as a way to “bounce” feedback from one individual to another, Bounce is quickly becoming an invaluable educational tool. Take an informational webpage, or uploaded image, and customize it by embedding questions, comments, links, additional images, videos, Vokis, etc. Learn how students can work together on PBL projects or presentations. Bounce provides a perfect opportunity for students to collaborate creatively and share with each other in an online environment.

Building Vocabulary Skills


This game will help our students understand and recognize compound words. Students will be asked to pick out the compound words from paragraphs. Have fun while adding to your vocabulary skills!

Learn and practice your capitalization rules in this fun online Capitalization game. Watch your writing skills improve as you master these rules.

Spell S-U-M-M-E-R

kidsspellYou will see a new widget on the left sidebar of our blog called KidsSpell.  I really think this is going to be a great site for our students to be able to put in their own spelling words (or for the teacher or parent to enter the spelling words) and practice for weekly spelling tests.  It could also be used for Math or Science Vocabulary building.  If you don’t have time to check it out right now, come back later. It will be buzzing around here for quite some time.

A Day of Their Own


mThis Tuesday our fourth graders will have the chance to show off their writing skills to the state of Texas. We know they are up to the TEST! Let’s show our support for their day by following the district and state guidelines set forth.

Please observe that there will be No Visitors allowed on campus this Tuesday and Outside Food may not be brought in on a testing day. This is not just for our fourth graders, but for all of our students on a TAKS testing day. Each intermediate grade level will have a day of their own this year. In fact, they will have a few of them. It is wonderful to live in a community where we all support each other.

Good Luck, Fourth Grade!

We Give to You the Gift of Reading

Our students have been participating in the Twelve Books of Christmas.  In our classroom, it was our goal to complete twelve books on the subject of Christmas before we dismissed for the holidays. That goal has been achieved, and we are so proud of their accomplishment.
The students have chosen The Mouse’s Christmas to do a green screen project. Each student read a section of the story in front of our new green screen provided by the technology department. (A special thanks to Scott Floyd and Michael Gras) It was a learning experience for each of us and one that we are sure to repeat very soon. For those viewers who are blocked from Youtube, please watch our virtual story on our Virtual Roughneck podcast blog.
Please enjoy The Mouse’s Christmas as presented to you by our fifth graders, Alex, Adrian, and Kristen.