Congruent or Not Congruent?

Congruent……what a strange word! All it means is that objects are the same size and same shape. Try your hand at finding the shape that is NOT congruent with all the others in the Spaceman Game below. Click on the picture and then find the ONE spaceman that is different from the others. That one is NOT congruent with the others.

If you are successful in all 15 levels, the spaceman will return to earth.  Good luck!


Try the other math games on Toy Theater to help you practice other math skills.

Practicing and Remembering Multiplication Facts with Stories

If you have students who are having a difficult time memorizing multiplication facts, then this site may be just what you and your students are needing. is a site where students (and parents) can choose a specific fact that is proving difficult and listen to an audio and video story that will bring meaning to the math fact. Students can also take pre-test on facts, view tips and tricks for remembering facts, play games, and much more. Also, students can use this site to practice addition and subtraction skills. This site would made a GREAT Center during small group time.

Line of Symmetry


Line of Symmetry is a line that divides a figure into two identical parts, that is, the line along which a figure can be folded to produce identical halves. Click on the butterfly below to learn more about Line of Symmetry.


Now try creating your own pattern that has a line of symmetry by clicking on the blue square to begin 2011-01-20_2142

You may complete a pattern that is provided or create a pattern of your very own.

Interactively “Weave” Lines of Symmetry

Screen Shot 2015-01-04 at 2.54.31 PM

Using the WeaveSilk site, teachers and students can create designs with a designated number of lines of symmetry in student-chosen colors, or choose no lines of symmetry at all. Customize with optional music. Save and embed on student blogs, or create an online quiz or booklet for your math center.  Let your imagination go wild just like your WeaveSilk creation.

Practice Math Skills Online

Study Stack provides students of all ages and levels with over 2,400 templates for practicing and drilling a variety of math concepts. Introduce students to this site. Share these resources with parents. Bookmark them on your desktop or iPad for easy access. Regular use of this freely available resource will improve your students’ skills.

Visit the Study Stack homepage for templates to use with other academic subjects.

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Follow the BOUNCE N Ball

CLICK to access the PPT Slides for “Follow the Bounce N Ball”

Here are the PPT slides for the TCEA Tots and Technology Conference presentation ,”Follow the Bounce N Ball”. Discover a way to combine information in a fun and engaging way by using the free Web 2.0 tool, Bounce. Originally designed as a way to “bounce” feedback from one individual to another, Bounce is quickly becoming an invaluable educational tool. Take an informational webpage, or uploaded image, and customize it by embedding questions, comments, links, additional images, videos, Vokis, etc. Learn how students can work together on PBL projects or presentations. Bounce provides a perfect opportunity for students to collaborate creatively and share with each other in an online environment.