Challenge #3 Bigger in TEXAS

This is our third year to participate in the Student Challenge so we had already added the widgets suggested in Challenge#3. So we started thinking about what might interest you about our state of Texas. One of the best known sayings about Texas is that, “Everything’s always BIGGER in Texas.” Some people even think that we ride around on horses and all own oil wells. We have searched and put together some slides that will give you a chance to decided….Fact or Nonfact. Is everything bigger in Texas? Or do we just like to believe it is?

5 thoughts on “Challenge #3 Bigger in TEXAS

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  2. WOW…this slideshow made me laugh and made me wonder about my upcoming trip to Texas. I wonder what I might find that I could add to your show.

    My oldest daughter is getting married next week and she lives in Houston. So I’m flying to Houston to the wedding and I wondered if I would have a chance to see any of these unique Texas things when I’m out and about!!! I will definitely keep my eyes open.

    This our class’ first year doing the Blogging Challenge. Right now we’re doing the Challenge as a class blog because we’re just learning how to make interesting posts and high quality comments. We’re hoping that by March, 2011…we’ll be ready to have individual blogs. That would probably make the Challenge even more fun.

    What has been your favorite parts in the past year’s challenges?

    Come visit us at . We write about all the things we’re learning about ancient civilizations!!! It’s a cool topic (even though it might not seem that way at first).

    Mrs. R and 6/7th Hours

    • We are glad that your class has joined the blogging challenge! This is our third year to participate and we really enjoy getting involved with all the different school blogs out therel. Our favorite blogging challenge in the past has been creating our individual avatars. The children really seem to get into this. Once again welcome aboard! Hope you have a wonderful time in Houston, Texas. Look out for all the giant things!

  3. Hi Mrs.Cranford,

    I really like your Texas shape and odd things movie. I liked the big cow horns from that cow. How did you find the pictures? Did you get them off the internet or something because the pictures are really cool. I am from Melbourne in Australia. Thanks Luke.

  4. Hi Mrs Cranford,
    I really like your slide show
    about Texas. All the Texas shapes
    are funny and I like how
    they are in different things like the
    sunglasses. I am from Melbourne Australia.
    Thanks, Harrison

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