Review of Math Skills

The TAKS Math tests are quickly approaching and the intermediate grade levels are honing their math skills. If you are wondering what you can do to help your child at home, you might want to visit these sites to view some of the tasks our students will be expected to perform. We will continue to work at school and appreciate all that you can do at home as well. No child can be fully educated without teamwork between school and home. Communication, cooperation, and collaboration are key ingredients.

I hope that these sites help. Click on the grade level below:




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  1. Hi Connections

    My name is Aidan and I am from Adelaide in Australia. I like your blog, it looks good. I like the heading up the top with the Irish background. I was just wondering what it is like in Texas. Is it hot in Texas?, Is there a city in Texas. You can reach me on my class blog

    Hope to Hear from you soon.

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