Celebrating the Holidays

chriThe Bloggers’ Cafe has challenged our class to create a post telling everyone how we celebrate a special occasion.  Since Christmas will soon be upon us, we decided to ask the children how they celebrated this holiday. Their responses were very interesting! Adrian’s family goes to the park and plays games until it is time to go back and open gifts.  Alex is going hunting with his father.  Before he leaves on his hunting trip, he goes with his family to Santa’s Round Up to shop for Christmas presents.  Nicole’s family has a special tradition involving “Elfton.” Elfton is a special elf that sits on the bookcase and watches to make sure the children are being good. He then reports to “you know who” at the North Pole. Kristen and her family also have a special tradition. They put their Christmas tree up on Thanksgiving night.  She is also going on a ski trip!  Our class really enjoyed stepping up to the challenge issued by The Bloggers’ Cafe. Be sure to check their blog out!

Do you have an interesting way in which you celebrate Christmas? Leave a comment and tell us all about your family tradition!

9 thoughts on “Celebrating the Holidays

  1. My family loves to start celebrating Christmas the day after Thanksgiving. We visit at each other’s houses and watch Christmas TV specials, drink hot chocolate, and drive around looking at beautiful Christmas lights.

  2. This will be a very different Christmas for my husband and I. In the 25 years since we have had children, this may be the first Christmas we do not have all our children at home with us on Christmas day. My daughter just got married last week. She will live in Mississippi with her new husband. My 25 year old son will be married in March and also lives in Mississippi. We will most likely celebrate Christmas morning with just my husband, ten year old son, and me.

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  6. I have had a tradition going with my boys for sometime now. On December 13th, I start the 12 Days of Christmas. On the 13th, I give 12 of something to them. On the 12th, they get 11 of something, and so on. The “gifts” are never anything really expensive, but it makes the countdown to Christmas extra special and exciting. I tried to stop it now that they are both in college, but neither one of them would let me!

    • That sounds like a very fun Christmas tradition! It makes Christmas Eve very special! Thank you for visiting and leaving your comment.

  7. My family loves to start celebrating Christmas the day after Thanksgiving. We put up our Christmas tree and go to some of the Black Friday sales.

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