Christmas Crafts

imagesThe holidays have begun, and we are excited about the activities both at school and of course, at home.  Christmas trees are up in the stores, and a few families have already put up their own trees. The only thing left to add are the gifts. With that thought in mind, we have found some Christmas How-to videos and slides at Kaboose showing you how to make some easy gifts for those special people on your list.

We would like to add to this list of crafts with your ideas. Please leave us a comment with instructions and/or links to some of your favorite holiday crafts. Then watch for them to be added here to our post. We will, of course, leave a link to you or your blog, giving you the credit to the idea.

9 thoughts on “Christmas Crafts

  1. Hi Its LIv

    I really like your christmas decoration ideas. The polar bear cup cakes are really cool.
    Our class is doing a christmas decoration compotishion and all the tables work together to make the best table and who ever is the best wins. It is quite simple and fun to do. You should try.

    Over and out.

    • Liv, I really hope that your class wins the competition. Let me know when it is over how your table did.

  2. HI IM peter christmas is my fav time of the year because all the food

    pleas leave a comment on mr macs superstars
    or add us to your blog rool

    thanks from peter

  3. Hey this is Chelsea I really like your video on christmas crafts the idears of making those things are pretty cool. come and visit our blog.

    from Chels

  4. Hey dudes
    This is Mustang
    I can not wait till christmas how about you.
    What is your favourite part about christamas. Mine is opening the prasents with the family in the morning.

    Please add our blog to you’r blog roll

    P.S. please viset my blog Thanks.


    • We added Mr. Mac to our blogroll, and we did try to visit your blog. The url was not correct. If you will leave us the address of your blog we would love to see what you are doing.

  5. Hi everybody!

    I see how you do the popstick snowman. I an going to try it and use some of the ideas you have posted. I should convince my teacher to use these ideas for some craft.

    Could you add to your list because I would like to visit your class more often for craft ideas.

    See you later

    • We would be happy to add Mr. Macs Superstars to our Blogroll. I see that you have us listed as Pam C all the way from Texas. Thank you for letting everyone know we are a Texas class. Could you also add C-O Connections so that during a search we would show up on your blog? I hope you do make that snowman. I thought they were pretty cool.

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