Count out Three Challenge #6


1…2…3!  That’s what we did!  For Blog Challenge #6, we visited a student blog. (1) We then chose a blog from that site. (2) We then picked a blog from that particular site. (3)   We did this….you guessed it!    THREE times!

Our first blog that we commented on was Simone’s Blog. She had a wonderful post about adding a cursor.  She gave us the link and instructions to follow.  It was great! We had no problem doing it ourselves. Great job Simone!

Our second blog we commented on was Ashley’s Awesome Blog. She had some wonderful things to say about Ontario. Great picture of the falls Ashley!

Our third blog we commented on was The Nick Cool Blog. He has a picture of his new pet fish.  The blog looks really good. Keep up the posting Nick!

These are just a few of the fantastic blogs available out there! We have really enjoyed the blogging challenge this year. Keep on Blogging!

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