Facts4Me and Trees

636cdWe are now enjoying the fall season. Outside our classroom window we can see the leaves as they are changing colors almost daily. What a beautiful time of the year!

During this week, students will be learning about John Chapman, better known as Johnny Appleseed. He is credited as the individual responsible for the introduction of apple trees in America.

Please go to the  Assignments Online page at the top of our blog and click on letter A, B, or C.  Print out the pdf file and enjoy  answering these questions about trees using the research database for children, FACTS4ME.

When you have finished and turned in your paper, you may want to watch “Maine’s Autumn Magic”. This video explains why the leaves change color in the fall. USA Today also has an interactive site that shows students what happens to leaves as the weather changes.  Thank you to Richard Byrne and Larry Ferlazzo for these great sites.

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