School Lunches

School Lunch

Well it is that time again and school has begun.  One of my favorite times during the school day is LUNCH TIME.  Sometimes I bring my lunch and at other times I eat in the school cafeteria.  Our cafeteria tries really hard to plan a well-balanced meal each day, and I do like some of those meals.

I would like to know what is your favorite meal served by your school cafeteria.  If you are a student at White Oak, please tell me which days are your favorite days to buy your lunch.  If you are NOT a White Oak student, please share with us some of the meals cooked by your cafeteria.

Click here to see our school lunch menu.

62 thoughts on “School Lunches

  1. My favorite day to eat lunch is Monday because it is usually have good food and my favorite food is chicken spagetti.

    • On Wednesday in our cafeteria, we always have hamburgers. We have had that same menu since I was in the 8th grade which was way back in 1967. Somethings just never change. I don’t know if that is good or bad.

  2. i like how that animated guys lunch goes up and it says school lunches!!!!! That tight thatz off the hinges. thats the bom. thtas better thAN GHETTO ANIMATIONS

  3. Hi Mrs.Cranford and Students,

    We are from Year 5 and attend a school in Sydney we also love to visit your blog. We love to have lunch to!! We don’t have a School Cafeteria but we have a school canteen were we can order our lunch or can buy small snacks. We looked at your cafeteria menu and was wondering what a Hotroll,Tossed Salad,Sloppy Joe,Pickle Cup and Pinto Beans were? We think they sound very yummy. If you want we can send you our canteen price list. We both have blogs but our teacher is Mrs Miller on
    On the blogroll you will find our name but Charlotte is Charlotte.P because we have 3 Charlottes in our class.You can answer the questions on one of our blogs.

    Bye Bye
    From Charlotte and Anita

    • Cheese enchlodu is a mesecan food. I will tell you a segret
      It has chees, uneans, and enchlodu sos. You will love it.

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