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Miss Wyatt’s challenge #7  proved to be very interesting for our kids.  As the class discussed vacations, they came to realize that a vacation really doesn’t have to be anything fancy.  A vacation is simply going somewhere with the family and spending quality time together.  I hope you enjoy the recaps of our students’ most memorable vacations.

adrian1My favorite vacation was a trip to Washington D.C. I flew with my mom, dad, grandmother, and my little brother.  We went to see where the president lives.  It had lots of presidents on the wall.


alex-150x150One of my favorite vacations was a trip to Six Flags over Texas.  I went with my mom and dad.  We drove there and spent the night.  We rode lots of rides together.  We went to Hurricane Harbour too.


kristen-150x150My best vacation was when I went to Wyoming.  I went in my mom’s car.  My mom, her boyfriend, and my sister went in the summer.  We saw the state flag.  We had a lot of fun.


Do you have a favorite vacation or even a dream vacation?  We would love to hear about yours and be sure to link some attractions that you saw, or would love to see.

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  1. We are Nastya and Veronika.We are from Russia.We’d like to tell you about our vacations.
    We spent vacations very good. We went to Krasnoyarsk with our friends. We saw parks, bridges, beautiful fountains. We visited the “Royev Ruchey Zoo”
    We saw black and white bears, a red fox, a tiger, a lion,an ostrich, fish, a lot of monkeys and birds.
    It was funny!

    Visit our blogs, please.

    Nastya and Veronika

  2. I really enjoyed reading your vacation writing. As for me, I am a beach girl! Give me the white sand, sparkling water, a beach umbrella, a beach chair, and a great book to read and I am extremely happy!

  3. This challenge is wonderful. I wish I would have found it sooner. Is this something you do each year? I would love to take part next time if there will be a next time. Thank you for you time. – Mr. Fletcher –

    • Hello Mr. Fletcher~
      Thank you for visiting our blog. This year’s challenge has been a great experience. Ms. Wyatt’s class is doing a great job with it! This is our second year participating in the blog challenge. Since it is such a big hit, I’m sure there will be another one next year. You might also want to check out another site that we have participated in projects by Jen. She also has great ideas! We would love for you and your class to come visit our blog again!
      Mrs. Odom

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