Blog Challenge09 #8

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The students at White Oak Intermediate are becoming aware of our digital footprint and how important it is for us to watch what we post online for the world to view.  We have discussions prior to ever accessing the internet about internet safety and the problems that can result because of its misuse. While our classroom teachers stress these guidelines, it is our computer lab teacher that really brings meaning to the concept.

We have the best computer teacher in the world. She begins the first of every year talking to us about digital citizenship and commenting guidelines. Her name is Nina Peery, and you can find all kinds of helpful information on her technology blog, Keystrokes.  After two weeks of internet safety, we review our what we have learned by playing Internet Safety Games that Mrs. Peery designed.

One thought on “Blog Challenge09 #8

  1. Hello Mrs. Odom’s Class,

    My name is Derrick and I am in Mrs. Daugherty’s 5th grade class in Georgia, USA. I have never heard of a digital footprint before reading your blog and also on Ms. Peery’s blog. Now I will be more careful about what I leave on the computer. I think that this would be important information for my class to discuss.

    Thank you

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