9 thoughts on “Challenge09 #2 – Create an Online Identity

  1. Wow Mrs C and Mrs O, I hope all your students don’t poke their tongues out or bare their teeth like some students did. What a great way to share your avatars!

  2. Wow! I’m so glad that I got to see this, I was wondering how to get this done with my class and I know now where the perfect example of how to do it is! I can show this to my students on the data projector! thanks so much!
    Mr Webb and Room 8, Melville Intermediate, Hamilton, Waikato, New Zealand.

  3. great avatar love it…thanks for your comments, my students were thrilled…..we are trying to get them individual blogs so they can create their own online identity but like alll things the technology in oiur school is no where near as advanced as our ideas. I think some of my students will be visiting on Tuesday during our technology time

    • Thank you so much for commenting on our avatars. If you push play button, your students can view all of them. They can be very creative! Next week you will need to have your students visit our blog again as we will be posting some really great TEXAS sites. I think the students will enjoy learning how to link urls. I understand what you mean about the technology keeping up with your ideas. We are just beginning blogging and wanted to get more classes on our campus involved…and the site to register is not cooperating. The tech guys are working hard to resolve the issues. Perhaps soon you will see more blogs from our school. Please link us to your blogroll. We would love that so much.

  4. Olá Erik!
    Como tu sabes, eu ando no desafio de blogs.
    A actividade desta semana é comentar pelo menos a 10 pessoas.
    Eu não tenho oportunidade de comentar a tanta gente, porque não tenho um computador, por isso comento
    a pouca gente.
    Hi, Erik, as you know, I’m on the blogging challenge too. This week activity is to comment in,at least,10 posts! I don’t have the chance to comment on so many people’s blogs, as I don’t have a laptop yet, so I comment just on very few blogs.
    I liked your avatar, because it is a mixture of different animals with people!
    I’ve got a sister and a brother, my favourite holiday is Summer, as I can go to the beach and I don’t have to study!
    Please, come visit me!!!
    Maria C 6C

  5. Hello CO Connectors
    We are a class from Sydney Australia and love the characters you have made. We might use these ourselves because we are leasrning about monsters and mythical beasts!

    Come and visit us sometime 🙂

  6. Your avatars are stunning. Great ideas and some frightening creatures. You have created an exciting, interesting blog- keep up the great work. I will show your blog to the year 2s on our IWB soon. (Golden blogger image came from MS word2008 online clip art search: computer.)

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