At the End of YOUR Rainbow

What treasure lies at the end of your rainbow?

What treasure lies at the end of your rainbow?

People seem to be fascinated by rainbows. It has become evident in all the Myths and Legends that have surrounded their timely appearances, and perhaps it is never more obvious than during the month of March when we celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day. One of the many legends that exist claim that leprechauns hide their pots of gold at the end of the rainbow, and if you can catch a leprechaun, he must lead you to his treasure.  Well, I don’t believe any of us will ever catch a leprechaun or lay claim to his pot of gold, but we all have treasures that we value.  So, if I could follow YOUR personal rainbow to its very end, what treasure would you have hidden there?

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36 thoughts on “At the End of YOUR Rainbow

  1. Hi!
    Love your blog , it is so cool!
    Well , my personal rainbow , what I value the most is … family and friends , they are my gold!
    How are you?

  2. At the end of my rainbow you would find
    my grenmom. Patsy is my grenmom. She taxe cere of me and Lizzy and Mamat. I git to see her every day. She lets me play outside.

  3. At the end of my rainbow you would find my gamecube and DS pokmon and my family.
    This is important to me because
    gradma and my dog make me happy.

  4. At the end of my rainbow you would find
    my family and dog and hamsters. This is
    important to me because
    I love them. they macke me happy.

  5. At the end of my rainbow you would find a car made of gold.A Real car.This is important to me because its Cool.

  6. At the end of my rainbow you would find my dog Booboo.This is important to me because he wouid help me and play tag.

  7. This is a very difficult comment for me because I value everything in my life in such different ways. But after considering the possible loss of my “pot of gold”, the choice became crystal clear to me. At the end of my personal rainbow would be the reason for my daily existence, my purpose on this earth–my children and my grandchildren. My grown children have made good decisions in their lives and are raising my grandchildren in homes filled with unconditional love and nurturing families. Sometimes the pride I feel for each of them is so great that I suspect I could burst like a balloon expanded beyond its capacity. I cannot extinguish the light in my eyes nor the smile from my lips whenever they are around. Every problem I have, every burden I bear, is lifted when I am with my children and grandchildren. I am a witness to a tiny piece of my eternity and know that every minute I spend with them will create another moment in time by which I will be remembered in their eyes forever.

  8. On the contrary, I think you are very original. The thing about rainbows is that you can never get to the end because the end of it keeps moving when we move. That is the way it is with our live’s purpose I think. Change is the only constant, and once we reach one goal, it seems another is already put into action. Remember with every decision made a ripple spreads and reaches those we never even imagine. Thank you for your comment to our post.

  9. One of my students said he saw a rainbow in the shape of a circle. That image speaks to me. I think our pots of gold are something we search for our entire lives. After we have gone around for a while, we realize that we have already encountered many pots of gold along the way: God, family, friends, health. The fun and blessings are in the journey.

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