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How many of you have a pet now, or have had a pet at one time or another? I’ve often wondered what my pet does all day long while I am gone to school. I am quite sure that he misses me terribly. I know this because when the front door opens in the afternoon, he greets me at the door with his tail wagging with enthusiasm. What is he trying to say to me?  Later when I sit down on the sofa to watch American Idol, he curls up next to me, and sometimes even tries to sing along. So my question to you is this, if your pet could talk, what would he say to you?laughingpuppy_11769

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  1. I have always thought about what my 2 beagles would say to me if they could actually talk. When I come home from school, Katie and Kandie meet me at the door wagging their tails. I think they are saying “Mommy Mommy you’re home! We have missed you so much. Please give us a treat.” At night, the girls will sit in the hallway and say, “Let’s go to bed Mommy. We want to cuddle with you for awhile.” Of course, I always listen to them whatever they may say!

  2. Hello. I’m Emma from I think that dog is just soooooooooooooooo adorable! I have a dog named Ginger and if she could talk, she would probably be saying: ” Can I have a treat?” My dog is crazy about treats!

    • How cool that your dog is named Ginger because one of our teachers is named Ginger!!! She thought that was cool too. I will be checking back in with your class blog. I really like it.

  3. Hi i’m Callum from I like your idea of what would your pet say if it could talk. I also like the visitors’ flag because it allows others to see how many countrys have visited you and how many people from those countrys. Bye

  4. My cat Roman has recently become blind. He is 17 years old, and I know losing his sight has been traumatic for him. He loves to go outside, but now we are worried that he will get lost or other cats and dogs will attack him. I think he would say, “I love to be outside. Please let me. It would make me so happy!”

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