Where shall we go today?


How excited it is each day when we sign onto our classroom blog and see that another country or another state has visited our blog! We have hung a giant world map in the entryway of our school so that all can share in our excitement. You see, we are the first class on our campus to attempt blogging, but we don’t think it will remain that way for long.  The red dots represent the people who are responsible for our enthusiasm.  For that we thank each and every one of you.

Now, where shall we go today? If YOU are reading this, we ask you, “If you could visit any place in the world, where would you go and why?

53 thoughts on “Where shall we go today?

  1. I love water and have two places I very much want to visit; the coasts of Italy and Greece.

    We’ve started blogging too; hope you’ll visit the link above, click Lions Lair, Blogs. Our students would love to blog with you!

    • I teach a 345 sped class in Texas and we would love to be listed in your blogroll. We want to make connections all over the world. What better way to start than right here and right now?

  2. Hi from Portugal!
    I hope to know you better during the 09 Challenge! If you wish to visit our class blog, please use the google translator widget to read the posts. You may comment in English, we will translate you.
    If I could travel now, I would like to visit the new friends I made on line, so I would start by Tasmania and Australia.
    s Ines

  3. I would love to visit the Children’s Eternal Rainforest in Costa Rica. For years our 4th graders have been doing fundraising for this tropical rainforest. Many of my students have been able to visit, but I have not been able to go yet. Maybe some day…. I also have some favorite places right here in Spain which I have visited. The northern Cantabrian coast is beautiful! Perhaps you can visit someday.
    Oh, by the way, you can read some of my students’ writing and see some math problems at http://dreamteam.edublogs.org/.

  4. I really like the idea of tracking your blog’s visitors visually like this! We may have to set up something similar in our eighth grade English classroom.

    If I could visit any place in the world, it would be New York city because I have always been fascinated by its portrayal in movies, books, and on television.

    • My instructional aide was born and raised in New York but never visited New York City. Can you believe that???? Someday maybe she and I will travel there together. We are very good friends.

  5. Hi, it is Marnie and you have previously commented on my blog. I would like to thank you for this… I absolutely love getting comments and I have never had a visitor from Texas! I am a sixth grader from Indiana, and I am assuming you saw my blog through Miss W, is that correct? I am sure you already know this but you can actually put a map as a widget on your blog that shows you a map with dots that where people from different parts of the world have visited your blog! Thanks and I hope you come back to my blog.



    • Marnie, I absolutely will come back to your blog. I also want to invite you back to our blog because when we get back from spring break, we will be posting all about TEXAS. You will enjoy learning about our state.

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    • Thank you for the pingback. We are on Spring Break this week, but watch out when we get back. We are working hard on a great post linking some great sites to help others learn about our state of Texas. We do hope all will enjoy it.

  7. Hello! I am from Indiana. The furthest from the United States I have been is to the Bahamas on a cruise. I would really like to go to London and Paris. I think it would be very fun to go to Europe.

    • Abbey, my husband and I went on a cruise to the Bahamas last October. It was beautiful and we would love to go back sometimes. Thank you for commenting on our post. Please come back and visit us again.

  8. Hi Guys,
    I am doing the “09 Challenge” too! I love this post and idea of the world map. I’m going to use it, too. You have a great blog. My blog is http://teacher102.edublogs.org/ I teach grade one outside of Mongreal, QC. I am originally from the U.S.
    This is a great challenge and has gotten me visiting so many more blogs. I would like to visit Australia and meet some of the wonderful people I’ve met through blogging.

    • Where in the states are you from? I too have enjoyed visiting lots of classroom blogs. The teachers in Australia are absolutely inspiring. I would love to visit oen of their classrooms. Let’s go together.

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