Snow Day – School Closed!


Snow Day today and our schools are closed due to the bad road conditions. So what will you do today? Let me recommend that you go to Highlight’s Magazine link here and play a game of Hidden Picture “Snowy Feast”. When you finish, you might want to create your own online snowflake at Popular Front Snowdays. Enter your FIRST NAME ONLY – Remember Digital Safety always! On the line that asks, “Where are you from?” just enter “White Oak”. I will be looking throughout the day to see if I can find your snowflake. See if you can find mine, “Mrs. Cranford.”


We will be making up this weather day on Monday, February 21st. It will be very important that you be there. Enjoy your day!

Wishing for a Snow Day


Snow just doesn’t happen that  often in East Texas, but this past week we found our little town right in the middle of a deep freeze. Every student (and teacher) was hoping for snow. Even a single flake would have thrown the campus into a frenzy, but alas it was not to be.

Let’s not let that stop us!  If the snow will not come to us, then we will  just go to the snow. I would like for you to visit SnowDays and create a snowflake using online scissors. Add ONLY your first name – Remember our internet safety rules!  Be sure to list your city and state.  Next, visit Flurrious and create a different kind of snowflake using geometric lines and shapes.  You may then add a message to your flake and add it to the online blizzard.

What a beautiful sight, and you did not even need to put on a sweater!