Challenge #2

Our students in response to the Challenge #2 our students created their own M&M Character.  We loved the site and suggest that Miss Wyatt add it to the list of potential avatar creators. As half-creator of the C-O Connections, Mrs. Odom has posted all about these creations on her blog that is linked at the top of our class blog. You can Read all About It on Odom’s Sweets. We have also posted on Jan Mader’s blog, Ignite to Write, which has some excellent open-ended sentences to motivate writing.

At the end of the challenge this week, we were asked to be careful about what kinds of personal information we posted.  To the question, “When do you think it is appropriate for students to use real photos of themselves on their blogs and why?” we post real photos on our campus blog when students have earned honors or been acknowledged for student accomplishments. However, we never post first and last names together with photos. We have one of the best technology instructors, Mrs. Peery, and she has some outstanding lessons on her blog, Keystrokes on internet safety.

On the advice of Miss Wyatt, we did visit and read 8 Commandments for Bloggers. He has some helpful rules and we discussed these with our students. Again, Mrs. Peery also has some Rules for Commenting that you might find useful for younger bloggers.

Finally, we want to share a little bit more about our school so that you have a glimpse into our school day. We are a small East Texas school and would like to share our campus with you here in this slide presentation.