What’s Your Favorite?

We are at mid-year and have already had several school holidays. We were wondering, “What’s your favorite holiday?” Please help us our with our Blog Challenge 8 by completing this poll. We are interested in graphing the outcome on bar graphs, line graphs, tally mark charts, and pictographs. Thank you for your time.

Celebrating the Holidays

chriThe Bloggers’ Cafe has challenged our class to create a post telling everyone how we celebrate a special occasion.  Since Christmas will soon be upon us, we decided to ask the children how they celebrated this holiday. Their responses were very interesting! Adrian’s family goes to the park and plays games until it is time to go back and open gifts.  Alex is going hunting with his father.  Before he leaves on his hunting trip, he goes with his family to Santa’s Round Up to shop for Christmas presents.  Nicole’s family has a special tradition involving “Elfton.” Elfton is a special elf that sits on the bookcase and watches to make sure the children are being good. He then reports to “you know who” at the North Pole. Kristen and her family also have a special tradition. They put their Christmas tree up on Thanksgiving night.  She is also going on a ski trip!  Our class really enjoyed stepping up to the challenge issued by The Bloggers’ Cafe. Be sure to check their blog out!

Do you have an interesting way in which you celebrate Christmas? Leave a comment and tell us all about your family tradition!

Christmas Crafts

imagesThe holidays have begun, and we are excited about the activities both at school and of course, at home.  Christmas trees are up in the stores, and a few families have already put up their own trees. The only thing left to add are the gifts. With that thought in mind, we have found some Christmas How-to videos and slides at Kaboose showing you how to make some easy gifts for those special people on your list.

We would like to add to this list of crafts with your ideas. Please leave us a comment with instructions and/or links to some of your favorite holiday crafts. Then watch for them to be added here to our post. We will, of course, leave a link to you or your blog, giving you the credit to the idea.

Blog Challenge09 #5

Click to play this Smilebox slideshow: Pics Worth 1000 Words

We want to thank eHow.com for the excellent How-to pictures. We are enjoying this time of the year. You might enjoy visiting a virtual carving and our Projects by Jen Perfect Pumpkin podcast. Also, our class would like our readers to know that we are not the only class participating in Miss Wyatt’s blog challenge. We also have a 4th Grade GT class, Bright Spots, and a 2nd Grade class, Mrs. Saccoccio’s class. who are needing you to visit and comment on their blogs.

We are issuing a challenge to all of you to do just that!

Challenge09 #11 – It’s An Honor to Volunteer

memorialMemorial Day started as a remembrance of the Civil War soldiers, both Union and Confederate. It is first credited to the women of Columbus, Mississippi, where the women’s association went to the local cemeteries and decorated the graves of both the Confederate and Union soldiers buried there on April 25th, 1866.

The date for Memorial Day was changed to be the last Monday in May in 1971, as part of the national Holiday Act to make all National Holidays into three day weekends.

On this Memorial Day, the local scout troops volunteered to visit local cemeteries and place flags on the graves of our service men.  Under the directions of their scout leaders, they met at Lakeview Memorial Gardens at 7:00 a.m. to begin this task. We thank them for the respect and honor they have shown today with their actions.

What actions of respect and honor for the history of your state or country can you write about? We would love to hear about it.4th_july_divider_08