Challenge2011 #2

Rules for Commenting and Posting


Our outstanding Computer Lab Teacher, Nina Peery, has established the Intermediate Students’ Rules for Commenting for our campus.

Mrs. Peery’s Lesson on digital citizenship is published in her Moodle Course, Technology with Mrs. Peery, under Digital Footprint Lessons. As a reminder of what she has taught, you may want to watch a review of Get Cybersmart with Phineas and Ferb.


Before posting a comment on someone’s blog or creative work, read the comment and ask yourself these questions:

(If you cannot answer each question according to the answer given, change your comment or do not post!)

1) Would I say that to the person face-to-face? Yes

2) Would I say that to the person’s parent? Yes

3) Would I say that to the principal or teacher of this person? Yes

4) Does my comment make sense? Yes

5) Is my comment useful? Yes

6) Is my comment kind? Yes

7) Did I read over the comment and correct spelling and punctuation errors? Yes

Never include your last name or any other personal information about yourself when you leave a comment!

We hope that the students and classes involved in the Challenge2011 will benefit from some of our guidelines.

Blog Challenge09 #8

kid thumbing fingers

The students at White Oak Intermediate are becoming aware of our digital footprint and how important it is for us to watch what we post online for the world to view.  We have discussions prior to ever accessing the internet about internet safety and the problems that can result because of its misuse. While our classroom teachers stress these guidelines, it is our computer lab teacher that really brings meaning to the concept.

We have the best computer teacher in the world. She begins the first of every year talking to us about digital citizenship and commenting guidelines. Her name is Nina Peery, and you can find all kinds of helpful information on her technology blog, Keystrokes.  After two weeks of internet safety, we review our what we have learned by playing Internet Safety Games that Mrs. Peery designed.