Challenge2011 #2

Rules for Commenting and Posting


Our outstanding Computer Lab Teacher, Nina Peery, has established the Intermediate Students’ Rules for Commenting for our campus.

Mrs. Peery’s Lesson on digital citizenship is published in her Moodle Course, Technology with Mrs. Peery, under Digital Footprint Lessons. As a reminder of what she has taught, you may want to watch a review of Get Cybersmart with Phineas and Ferb.


Before posting a comment on someone’s blog or creative work, read the comment and ask yourself these questions:

(If you cannot answer each question according to the answer given, change your comment or do not post!)

1) Would I say that to the person face-to-face? Yes

2) Would I say that to the person’s parent? Yes

3) Would I say that to the principal or teacher of this person? Yes

4) Does my comment make sense? Yes

5) Is my comment useful? Yes

6) Is my comment kind? Yes

7) Did I read over the comment and correct spelling and punctuation errors? Yes

Never include your last name or any other personal information about yourself when you leave a comment!

We hope that the students and classes involved in the Challenge2011 will benefit from some of our guidelines.

Challenge #8 – 3 Altogether

Animated countdown

The count down is on and in just a few short weeks the Blog Challenge will end. This week the challenge is to visit the suggested blogs and leave a combined total of three comments altogether. After visiting each of the blogs, we decided that we would comment on the following:

  1. Ripple Effect – The students loved the Pivot Animation projects and we are eager to try one of our own.
  2. 4/5/6 Learning Centre – We have learned so much from the related links on her sidebar and also enjoy reading the regular posts. The plan to meet at lunchtime to help new bloggers was such a good idea. We may implement something like that ourselves.
  3. Mrs Ratzel – The Top Ten listing provided an authentic look into the minds of students and their thoughts on blogging. We are also honored to appear in their sidebar as one of the many blogs that this classroom follows. For that we thank you.

Having completed Challenge 8, we will also be completing our voting for 2010 Edublog Awards within the next week. We are sure that some of our favorite will finish on top.

Challenge #4

blog tomatoThe challenges suggested in Challenge #4 were very constructive. We added a Commenting page to our blog based on the rules already established by our district and our computer lab instructor, Nina Peery.  We also went into our GAME page and added two more rows of games options. There are some excellent choices to be found there, and I encourage visitors to try some of them. We have registered our blog for the Blog Action Day 2010 and look forward to posting about water. The students will be visiting at least three blogs this week, adding them to our Blogs We Love listing, and leaving comments.  Once again thank you to Sue Waters and The Edublogger and Miss Wyatt for this challenge.

Challenge #2

Our students in response to the Challenge #2 our students created their own M&M Character.  We loved the site and suggest that Miss Wyatt add it to the list of potential avatar creators. As half-creator of the C-O Connections, Mrs. Odom has posted all about these creations on her blog that is linked at the top of our class blog. You can Read all About It on Odom’s Sweets. We have also posted on Jan Mader’s blog, Ignite to Write, which has some excellent open-ended sentences to motivate writing.

At the end of the challenge this week, we were asked to be careful about what kinds of personal information we posted.  To the question, “When do you think it is appropriate for students to use real photos of themselves on their blogs and why?” we post real photos on our campus blog when students have earned honors or been acknowledged for student accomplishments. However, we never post first and last names together with photos. We have one of the best technology instructors, Mrs. Peery, and she has some outstanding lessons on her blog, Keystrokes on internet safety.

On the advice of Miss Wyatt, we did visit and read 8 Commandments for Bloggers. He has some helpful rules and we discussed these with our students. Again, Mrs. Peery also has some Rules for Commenting that you might find useful for younger bloggers.

Finally, we want to share a little bit more about our school so that you have a glimpse into our school day. We are a small East Texas school and would like to share our campus with you here in this slide presentation.