Challenge2011 #6

ani-3Blogging is as easy as 1…2…3!  That’s exactly what we did and enjoyed every blogging minute of it!  The Challenge2011 #6 invited us to visit various blogs. Our students stepped up again this year!  One of the blogs that we visited was created by Hannah. First of all, we loved her background! The jellybeans were awesome! We were very interested in her tradition that she wrote about. Be sure to visit Hannah’s Hacienda!

The next blog that we visited belonged to Jazz.  We read about a tryatholon that they had at school. Congrats to his team, they came in 3rd place. Read all about it and more at Jazz’s Blog!

Finally, our third blog to visit was the interesting blog created by Kylee. She told us all about Courtenay in Canada where she lives.  It sounds like a fun place to visit on a vacation. Our students really liked taking part in her poll voting for the most interesting thing to do in Courtenay. We pretty much agreed…go rock climbing! Be sure to vote when you visit Kylee’s Blog.

We Give to You the Gift of Reading

Our students have been participating in the Twelve Books of Christmas.  In our classroom, it was our goal to complete twelve books on the subject of Christmas before we dismissed for the holidays. That goal has been achieved, and we are so proud of their accomplishment.
The students have chosen The Mouse’s Christmas to do a green screen project. Each student read a section of the story in front of our new green screen provided by the technology department. (A special thanks to Scott Floyd and Michael Gras) It was a learning experience for each of us and one that we are sure to repeat very soon. For those viewers who are blocked from Youtube, please watch our virtual story on our Virtual Roughneck podcast blog.
Please enjoy The Mouse’s Christmas as presented to you by our fifth graders, Alex, Adrian, and Kristen.

All We Want for Christmas

The sights of Christmas are everywhere right now. Lights brighten the streets at night, and trees can be seen in the windows of most houses. All the children are making their Christmas lists, hoping Santa will bring that one special toy. To help Santa with his job, some of our students created a slide show to let him know exactly what they wanted. We hope you enjoy our presentation.


Celebrating the Holidays

chriThe Bloggers’ Cafe has challenged our class to create a post telling everyone how we celebrate a special occasion.  Since Christmas will soon be upon us, we decided to ask the children how they celebrated this holiday. Their responses were very interesting! Adrian’s family goes to the park and plays games until it is time to go back and open gifts.  Alex is going hunting with his father.  Before he leaves on his hunting trip, he goes with his family to Santa’s Round Up to shop for Christmas presents.  Nicole’s family has a special tradition involving “Elfton.” Elfton is a special elf that sits on the bookcase and watches to make sure the children are being good. He then reports to “you know who” at the North Pole. Kristen and her family also have a special tradition. They put their Christmas tree up on Thanksgiving night.  She is also going on a ski trip!  Our class really enjoyed stepping up to the challenge issued by The Bloggers’ Cafe. Be sure to check their blog out!

Do you have an interesting way in which you celebrate Christmas? Leave a comment and tell us all about your family tradition!

Count out Three Challenge #6


1…2…3!  That’s what we did!  For Blog Challenge #6, we visited a student blog. (1) We then chose a blog from that site. (2) We then picked a blog from that particular site. (3)   We did this….you guessed it!    THREE times!

Our first blog that we commented on was Simone’s Blog. She had a wonderful post about adding a cursor.  She gave us the link and instructions to follow.  It was great! We had no problem doing it ourselves. Great job Simone!

Our second blog we commented on was Ashley’s Awesome Blog. She had some wonderful things to say about Ontario. Great picture of the falls Ashley!

Our third blog we commented on was The Nick Cool Blog. He has a picture of his new pet fish.  The blog looks really good. Keep up the posting Nick!

These are just a few of the fantastic blogs available out there! We have really enjoyed the blogging challenge this year. Keep on Blogging!

Challenge #4 Some of Our Favorites

favoriteFor blog Challenge #4, we were asked to find three blogs from a different school that we enjoyed visiting. The first blog that we visited was created by a student in Pennsylvania. Cory’s blog has some interesting places to visit in his state.  We would love to go to Hershey, PA because we love chocolate so much! Thanks Cory. Your blog is great! Keep up the good blogging! Another blog that the students visited was created by Girltime. We really laughed at all the funny dog pictures she has.  The last blog we visited and wanted to recognize is The Cool Place. There is a neat game that can be played with friends and a cool mystery story to read. This challenge has been really fun to go and look at all the different blogs.

Christmas Card Exchange ’09

This Christmas season our class, C-O Connections, participated in Jen Wagner’s Christmas Card Exchange. The kids absolutely loved it. Not only did they have fun creating all the cards, but we were also able to make it a learning experience. The children learned the correct way to address envelopes. They also became more familiar with our United States. We created a map to track the cards we received. They were excited each time we received mail! We really enjoyed this project. Hopefully, we can do it again next year. Enjoy the pictures!

Blog Challenge09 #7


Miss Wyatt’s challenge #7  proved to be very interesting for our kids.  As the class discussed vacations, they came to realize that a vacation really doesn’t have to be anything fancy.  A vacation is simply going somewhere with the family and spending quality time together.  I hope you enjoy the recaps of our students’ most memorable vacations.

adrian1My favorite vacation was a trip to Washington D.C. I flew with my mom, dad, grandmother, and my little brother.  We went to see where the president lives.  It had lots of presidents on the wall.


alex-150x150One of my favorite vacations was a trip to Six Flags over Texas.  I went with my mom and dad.  We drove there and spent the night.  We rode lots of rides together.  We went to Hurricane Harbour too.


kristen-150x150My best vacation was when I went to Wyoming.  I went in my mom’s car.  My mom, her boyfriend, and my sister went in the summer.  We saw the state flag.  We had a lot of fun.


Do you have a favorite vacation or even a dream vacation?  We would love to hear about yours and be sure to link some attractions that you saw, or would love to see.