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We have always had the sweetest students. For that reason, Mrs. Cranford (C) and Mrs. Odom (O) created the blog site, C-O Connections. Intermediate students love to use technology in all subjects. While our class may have been few in numbers, their creativity and imagination was vast. One of their favorite activities for the beginning of the school year was to create their new avatar.  We hope that you like them.

acMeet Robby Ray (Adrian) bj Meet Eminem (Brian)

ktMeet MM (Kristen) ag Meet Master Yoda (Alex)

lar Meet Grasshopper pc Meet Razzle Dazzle


This blog site originated from a combination of 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade students.  Technology is integrated in almost everything we do. Recognized as the Web 2.0 pioneers on our intermediate campus, we were the first classroom to create and participate in blogging, and it has been exciting for everyone.  We have made friends all over the world!

This blog is all about the children. It is dedicated to their interests and their work. Please give them your feedback. They are very excited about beginning this learning journey.


The 2008-2009 Pioneers




mrs-cWell, hello to all who are reading this blog. My name is Mrs. Cranford. I am the “C” in the C-O Connections. This is possibly the most exciting undertaking that our class has accepted this year! When we were first introduced to blogs, I never thought we would actually have a visitor to our site, much less visitors from all over the world. Now we are participants in the Blog Challenge09. Wow! We were so excited that we came up with a t-shirt design, printed it off on transfer paper, and ironed it onto our own shirts.  Now we wear them every Thursday to let everyone know that we will be blogging on that day. It is a special day of the week for us. If you are interested in learning more about me, then please visit my personal page.

Welcome to our brand new class blog. My name is Mrs. Odom, and I am the “O” in the C-O Connections. This is a learning experience for all of us, but we are having such fun meeting and blogging with students from all over the world. Thank you for visiting our blog and giving our students your feedback. 








24 thoughts on “Meet Our Class

  1. Pleased to meet you!
    I’m visiting you through the link on the Blogging Challenge Blog. Isn’t blogging great? You get to meet so many people and learn so many things. You get to create and write and have lots of fun. And you get to see what other people are doing, too. I look forward to seeing what you all will be up to!

    Ms. Tatiana

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  3. This is awesome, its amazing how kids and teachers these days are so advanced in computer technology.

    • Thank you for acknowledging the students of this class. It does really help to motivate them to do even more.

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