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Can it be that summer is over already? I prefer to think of it as the beginning rather than the end. The beginning of a brand new school year that will bring new rewards and new challenges. Well, I say, bring them on! There is no place I would rather be than in a learning environment with fresh, young minds. This year, let’s learn something together.

3 thoughts on “Back to School

  1. Deat Mrs. Cranford,

    We are starting back with our new students September 6 and I can not wait to get started. A fresh new group of learners and bloggers! It is always so exciting.

    I have a question for you…how did you create your QR codes that you have in your sidebar? I have been trying to do this with my class, but the only ones I seem to be able to do are the pre-determined ones and I just key in the actions and print out the code to use on their site using my webcam? I would love to know how you made yours and what program you use to read them? Can you please help me out?

    Much appreciated,

    Mrs. Webb-Scheers
    The Classroom Connection

  2. Mrs. Webb-Scheers, The codes were created one at a time on Then I saved each image to my desktop. From there I pulled them down into Keynote (you could use any program), added the text in my chosen color, and Jinged the image with all three and titles.
    Good luck this year and please do check back as we will have wonderful things here this year.

  3. Hi CO-Connections,

    We’re just back from our summer holidays too, it feels as if we’ve never been away!

    Looking forward to seeing all the work you’ll be doing,

    Mrs C & P3

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