Snow Day – School Closed!


Snow Day today and our schools are closed due to the bad road conditions. So what will you do today? Let me recommend that you go to Highlight’s Magazine link here and play a game of Hidden Picture “Snowy Feast”. When you finish, you might want to create your own online snowflake at Popular Front Snowdays. Enter your FIRST NAME ONLY – Remember Digital Safety always! On the line that asks, “Where are you from?” just enter “White Oak”. I will be looking throughout the day to see if I can find your snowflake. See if you can find mine, “Mrs. Cranford.”


We will be making up this weather day on Monday, February 21st. It will be very important that you be there. Enjoy your day!

4 thoughts on “Snow Day – School Closed!

  1. Hi,

    We also have a lot of snow this winter but our schools are closed when the temperature is -38-40C. Fortunatly it is not cold now.

    Lyudmila and class,Russia

    • It is only in the 20s today, and businesses are closing down. We just are not accustomed to driving in this kind of road conditions. How interesting that this is just a way of life for your winter days! Thank you for sharing this information with our class.

  2. Hi there,

    Great post! I love how you added the “Create Your Own Snowflake”. Too fun!

    The Classroom Connection also made a post about Snow. We called ours “SNOW POST”. We included a class picture and a little video from tourism New Brunswick.

    It snows A LOT in our part of the world. Today, the weather is a clear -18C outside, but with the windchill it feels like -25 C. Brrrrrrrr. If often get MUCH colder on days. Does it get that cold where you live?

    Keep up the good work.

    Your blogging buddy,
    Mrs. Webb-Scheers ♥ and the students of 4WS

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