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This period of the 2010 Challenge Yourself to Blog is coming to a close and it is time to nominate for the 2010 Edublog Awards. We have visited so many outstanding blogs during this season that it is difficult to choose just one from each category. We are also hoping that someone will choose to nominate the C-O Connections, of course!

My students, while a small class,  have “special” gifts and with each post they have attempted, they have shown me that blogging is definitely worth the time and effort it takes on the part of the teachers. These students who sometimes struggle to get their thoughts on paper, thrive in this Web 2.0 environment.  Thank you to Sue Waters and Miss Wyatt for providing opportunities where my students can feel successful.  We will look forward to participating again next year.

Our Nominations Are:

Best resource sharing blogLarry Ferlazzo – We go to this blog often to search for resources. You should too!

Best new blogTiara O’Malley – She just started with her new 3rd grade class of new bloggers less than 3 months ago and already has created a class of student blogs as well, Jot Your Thoughts. She is committed to integrating technology into her classroom.

Best educational use of video/visualMrs. Yollis – Truly a testimony to the rest of us of how blogging can be used to promote learning. LOVE her blogroll!

Best educational use of a social networkRichard Bryne – His Free Technology for Teachers is a valued presence on Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, and Google Friend Connect.

Best teacher blogBrent Coley – While I do not know if this qualifies as a “blog”, his class site has given great inspiration and guidance to our class, particularly in the area of podcasting.

Best Educational WikiVoicethread 4 Education – This site really helped connect us to others attempting to use Voicethread

Best Educational Tech Support BlogNina Peery, Keystrokes – This blog provides easy-to-find resources, ideas, safe search engines, etc. for students, teachers, and even PARENTS!

Best Group blogChallenge Yourself to Blog – It’s the reason we are all here…Enough said. Thank you for tearing down the walls.

Best Individual BlogMs. Tiatiana – She has worked hard to collect educational links in all core areas and is certainly successful in this endeavor and worthy of recognition for that service to educators.

Best Student BlogStephanie Hunter – Chicken Scratch – This teacher “found” a way to allow her third graders to write even though their “posts” are actually page edits. The teacher maintains the home page of the Student blog and students post on their individual pages. Created in August 2010, this blog has already showcased, as Mrs. Hunter states, “glimpses into the inner-workings of their fascinating and creative young minds!”

Best Class blogJan Smith, Huzzah! – If you are looking for something to inspire, this is it!

IdeaGood Luck to all nominees and remember that you are all winners, especially the students you have awakened.

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One thought on “Time to Nominate

  1. Dear C-O Connection,

    Thank you so much for the nomination for Best educational use of video/visual! We ♥ to make videos that help us learn and are glad to hear that you find them useful! Educational blogging is the best!


    Your friend,
    Mrs. Y♥llis

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