The topic of “Snakes” is a subject that always sparks interest in our students for one reason or another. It is one of the first letters and sounds that we learn as a young child, and the snake books are always checked out in the library.  So I thought that I would give each of you a chance to tell your story about Snakes.

My most recent story happened last weekend. We were filling up deer feeders with corn at the deer woods and walked right by this little snake. Because it was a poisonous species and was residing at the base of the deer stand that my grandchildren would be visiting, he no longer lives there. Can you identify the name of this snake by looking closely at its body markings?

Click on the picture for a larger view.

Click on the picture for a larger view.

Not all snakes are dangerous, and they all serve a valuable purpose.  Click on word

and look around. Leave us a comment about some information that you discovered on the website, or leave us YOUR snake story. We are interested in hearing all about it.

6 thoughts on “Sssssss….Snakes!

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  2. Hi im James
    All the way from austraila we have some cool snakes over here too 1 wekk ago we found a brown snake in our drive it was dead but still pretty cool.

    visit our blog so we can keep in touch.

    see ya james

    • This snake was pretty small, but it was still scary to me. They say that baby snakes can even be more dangerous that adult snakes. What do you think?

  3. Hey there its Chelsea the story sounds pretty scary if you were walking past and you saw a venomas snake near you i wouldn’t know what to do.

    From Chels

    • We would have probably just walked in the opposite direction and leave it alone except for the fact that it had set up residence inside our deer stand. I was afraid that it might be inside it one dark morning and put the kids in danger. Sorry it had to die.

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