Challenge #4 Some of Our Favorites

favoriteFor blog Challenge #4, we were asked to find three blogs from a different school that we enjoyed visiting. The first blog that we visited was created by a student in Pennsylvania. Cory’s blog has some interesting places to visit in his state.  We would love to go to Hershey, PA because we love chocolate so much! Thanks Cory. Your blog is great! Keep up the good blogging! Another blog that the students visited was created by Girltime. We really laughed at all the funny dog pictures she has.  The last blog we visited and wanted to recognize is The Cool Place. There is a neat game that can be played with friends and a cool mystery story to read. This challenge has been really fun to go and look at all the different blogs.

3 thoughts on “Challenge #4 Some of Our Favorites

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  2. Hey,

    this was an execellent. In my opinion this was great!
    Guess what I’m going to start a New website and waste it on my free time! So thing for the advice and you made get interested in it bye! <3

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