Challenge #1 – Thanks for the Pingback!

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Once again for the third year, the C-O Connections are participating in the International Student Blog Challenge. We were so excited this week when we read about the first student challenge in the Challenge 1.  Part of the challenge was to update your “About” page to reflect your 2010 students, and there right on the fourth bullet was OUR BLOG, CO CONNECTIONS, cited as an example to all. Thanks so much, Sue Wyatt and Sue Waters for encouraging and motivating students to write. This has really revved up their motors.

We have customized our theme, revised our About page, added the Edublogger badge to our sidebar, and visited the blogs listed on either side of ours in the student challenge listing. So now in order to complete Challenge 1, we would like to tell you why you should visit our blog.

Alex thinks you should visit our blog because there are lots of activities here, like our Game page. We also like to link lots of fun things into each of our posts. You can also find out a lot of information about us and our community by looking at the sides of our blog.

Kristen said that you will see that it snowed here last year. Now this is really something because we rarely get snow. Once it snowed on Valentine’s Day when we were studying the book Snowflake Bentley and we took a snow day. Also, we have a new class this year called Healthy Bodies and it is teaching our students to exercise and eat healthier.

Adrian comments that too much junk food can make you fat.

Mrs. Odom thinks you should visit our blog because we have links to all of our campus blogs  listed on the right sidebar. Also, you will find links to the Blog Challenges.  Some of our favorite blogs which we still follow are linked and if you will hover your mouse over the titles you will see a description, or location of that blog. This is very helpful to students when looking for a place to comment.

Mrs. Cranford thinks you could spend hours surfing around this class blog. She especially wants to invite you to visit “Mrs. Cranford’s World” because she has pictures of her grandchildren there. See if you can find them.   Another great link is to our Moodle Courses. These are online lessons. You can login as a guest using the name given to you on the home page of Moodle. You can go into the Course INDEX which contains ALL of the teachers’ lessons. If your school has Moodle lessons, Mrs. Cranford will email you any lessons you want to import into your own course.

Spend some time with us on C-O Connections.

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  2. Hey Cranford!
    I really liked how you put that video you put up in your website, we should rethink about what we use water with instead of wasting it.

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