U. S. Constitution Day

Constitution2Friday, September 17th, is U. S. Constitution Day and we wondered just how much our students knew about the history of this memorable document.  Recently our fifth grade social studies teacher, Mrs. McFall, posted on her class blog, Historical Moments, some interesting facts about our United States Flag. The history of any country is not just past events that soon become forgotten, but steps that slowly shape and give reason and purpose to the future of that country.

So just how much of your country’s past do you know?

As citizens of a free country, we must never take for granted the high price that was paid by others to ensure that we are still guaranteed that freedom from day to day.  So stop today and think about the history of your community, your state, and your country.

Then take a look at the symbols below and see if you know the meaning behind any of them. If you are a student reading this blog post who does not live in the United  States, please leave us a comment and tell us about the symbols of your country. If you have a picture, you may email it to [email protected]

Here are some sites that may help you.

NOTE: IN ONE OF THE COMMENTS LEFT ON OUR BLOG POSTING, Mrs. Tatiana, World Star Academy, left this link. Click to participate in an interactive reliving of the constitutional convention.


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5 thoughts on “U. S. Constitution Day

    • Wre going to add that game on our blog.I will play that game after I’m done with this have a great Constitution day.I like your blog by the way not to be mean or anything but you should add pacman to it bye.

    • Peter,
      It is really called Constitution Day. It is the day we celebrate the signing of the government document that ultimately lead to the development of our democratic government. Thank you for visiting our blog and I hope you come back very soon.

  1. The Texas slideshow was really cool. I liked the Texas shaped things. My favorite one was the Texas shaped sink. It would be really fun to have one.

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