Wishing for a Snow Day


Snow just doesn’t happen that  often in East Texas, but this past week we found our little town right in the middle of a deep freeze. Every student (and teacher) was hoping for snow. Even a single flake would have thrown the campus into a frenzy, but alas it was not to be.

Let’s not let that stop us!  If the snow will not come to us, then we will  just go to the snow. I would like for you to visit SnowDays and create a snowflake using online scissors. Add ONLY your first name – Remember our internet safety rules!  Be sure to list your city and state.  Next, visit Flurrious and create a different kind of snowflake using geometric lines and shapes.  You may then add a message to your flake and add it to the online blizzard.

What a beautiful sight, and you did not even need to put on a sweater!

13 thoughts on “Wishing for a Snow Day

  1. Hi everyone!
    Wow how close it was to snowing!I live in Adeleaide so it NEVER snows.
    I hope it snows for you

  2. Hey there Mates 😀
    Im Casey, and I’m here talking to you all the way from Adelaide.
    I really like how you have set out your blog, it’s really Pretty!
    I would like to keep in touch with you, so it would be awesome if you could visit our blog at….. ricmac.edublogs.org !!
    Hope to hear from you soon
    From Casey! 😀

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