Blog Challenge09 #3


In response to the third Blog Challenge, we have added categories to the widgets of our sidebars. Why didn’t we think of this before? It makes searching through our postings so much easier. You may now choose the Blog Challenge09 category to read all of our postings for this year and last year’s challenge. Thank you, Miss Wyatt, for this suggestion.

In addition, we are enjoying visiting and leaving comments on this year’s participant’s blogs.  Last year, we were the only class on our campus who joined in on the challenge. This year three other classes have jumped in with us. Please visit Mrs. Carrington’s Bright Spots, Mrs. Johnson’s Four Corners, and Mrs. Saccoccio’s Class Blog and leave a comment. Please tell them that the C-O Connections sent you their way.

2 thoughts on “Blog Challenge09 #3

  1. Thanks for adding us into your post! We hope that we will have many new visitors to the Bright Spots site.

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