Challenge09 #7 – Shades of Color


Our blog challenge this week is to write about colors.  Having exactly seven kids in our class, we decided that the colors of the rainbow would be the perfect thing to write about.  After reading Planting a Rainbow,  the kids chose their favorite color of the rainbow and used that color to make an acrostic poem.

If you have a picture of a rainbow and would like to share it with us, email it to [email protected] or [email protected].  Whatever pictures we receive, we will post them along with your school’s name in a slide show!

In the meantime, please enjoy our students’ acrostic poetry created as participants in the 2009 Blog Challenge hosted by Mrs. Wyatt and Sue Waters, The Edublogger.

10 thoughts on “Challenge09 #7 – Shades of Color

  1. Great work, Co-connexions kids!What a shame I don’t have a photo of a Portuguese rainbow to send you… but as soon as I’ll get out of hospital,I’ll look for one!
    s. Ines

  2. The pictures are cool and cute! These flowers would smell like sweet candy
    and they feel smooth. I would give them to my mom.

  3. I really like Alex’s orange flower. It is the best flower in there. I like that color.
    That’s it.

  4. Great presentation that mixes science and poetry! Very clever!

    Thanks for linking to our website! We look forward to following your learning from California!

    Mrs. Yollis

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