This Post’s for YOU!

If you live in a country where the marshmallow Peep is not a prevalent Easter treat, then this post’s for YOU!  We hope that you enjoy.

The students in Mr. Webb’s Room [email protected] classroom will soon be receiving a shipment from our students. Inside will be PEEPS!  We thought you might enjoy this video showing you just how they came to be before they came to you.

What other kinds of products can you name that are mass-produced in much the same way as Peeps? What kinds of items are made one at a time? Why is that?

9 thoughts on “This Post’s for YOU!

  1. Thanks for sharing the video. I didn’t have any peeps this Easter, but after watching this I just might have to get some. I know Mr. Webb’s class will enjoy them.

  2. The green peeps are hard find. Mrs. Cranford only found one package of green peeps. Today we ate a blue peep. I hope you can find some green peeps.

    • It has been one week, so I am thinking they should arrive soon. We are eager to see the reaction too. You will have some who love them and some who absolutely hate them…….We did. Keep in touch.

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