Challenge09 #3 – This IS Virtually Where I Live


We would really love for each of our blog visitors to visit us here in Texas, but we know that it is not possible for some of you to physically travel to the United States. For that reason, we are excited about this week’s Blog Challenge09. It gives us a chance to clear up some of the misconceptions about our vast state. Indeed, Texas was once its own independent republic, and it is a fact that the three states of Connecticut, Delaware, and Rhode Island can all three fit inside our largest county. So, we hope you brought your good walking boots because you are in for a long hike.


Pineywoods by Joshua:

We live in the Pineywoods area of Texas. There are a lot of pine trees here. There are a lot of lakes, too. I like to go fishing at Lake of the Pines.barbedwire3

Gulf Coast by Brittany:

The Gulf Coast is next to the Gulf of Mexico. Mrs. Cranford went to Galveston to go on a cruise. Houston is a town in the Gulf Coast and it has the Johnson Space Center and the Houston Zoo. I would like to go there.barbedwire3

South Texas Plains by Adrian:

The southern border of Texas is Mexico. My family is Mexican but I cannot speak Spanish. The Alamo is in San Antonio. A lot of people go to see the Alamo.barbedwire3

Hill Country by Jennifer:

Hill Country is in the middle of Texas. The capital of Texas is in Hill Country. It is Austin.barbedwire3

Prairies and Lakes by Colton:

Dallas is a big city that is in this region. There is a lot to do there. You can go to a Dallas Cowboy football game or see a Texas Ranger baseball game. You can even go to Six Flags Over Texas and ride the roller coasters. If I went to Dallas, I would go to Texas Motor Speedway.barbedwire3

Big Bend Country by Brian:

If I went to West Texas, I would go to Big Bend National Park. In this region of Texas, there are mountains, deserts, and rivers. One of the largest cities in this region is El Paso.barbedwire3

Panhandle Plains by Erick:

This area is called the Panhandle because it looks just like the handle of a pan. There you can visit Palo Duro Canyon State Park. If you drive down the famous Route 66, you will see a lot of things.barbedwire3

Our school day in photos by Alex:

Every morning we start in the gym reading. If you are late you have to go to the office and see Mrs. Drennan. Our principal works in the office. Outside the office you can see the map of our blog visitors. When we go upstairs to our class we turn at the big Joe Roughneck. We go to SOI in the morning to exercise. We go to computer lab on Monday. We go to Music, PE, and Library too. We eat lunch in the cafeteria. Before we eat, we go outside to the playground. We mostly work in Mrs. Cranford’s room. Sometimes we work with Mrs. Odom.

22 thoughts on “Challenge09 #3 – This IS Virtually Where I Live

  1. Your class is going so well at their blogging. I am learning so much about Texas and that is one of the states I have not visited on my trips to the USA. Maybe I will have to go there next time.

  2. I thought I knew about Texas but after reading this post there is obviously so much more to the state. I have not been to Texas at all, only Califorina in the USA so I assumed that Texas was a little like a cowboy movie with parires and dusty areas – boy was I obviously wrong! What a wonderful post adn good for me as a teacher to learn something. Will have to show this to the students later today. Wonderful work.
    Mr Webb and Room 8, Melville Intermediate, Hamilton, Waikato, New Zealand.

  3. What a terrific map of Texas! My parents are “snowbirds” and they spend their winters down in Texas sometimes. “Snowbird” is an expression we use here in Canada that refers to retired people who go down to the States with warmer climates during the cold winter months of Canada. I guess it’s because the birds fly south in the winter! They love Texas and from your descriptions of your home state I can see why!
    Mrs. Eby

  4. You are doing a great job with this challenge. I enjoy visiting your blog and am learning so much. Could you tell me how you did your virtual map. Is that just a photo? I visited Texas once – Dallas. I loved it. I remember eating black beans and rice.

  5. Special mention to Erick because I was involved in a quiz where the question that came up was why was the Panhandle area of Texas named? I was able to answer correctly because I remembered it from the blogging challenge post!
    Mr Webb and Room 8, Melville Intermediate, Hamilton, Waikato,
    New Zealand.

    • He was not at school today. He is scheduled to have surgery on Friday. He has had 13 or more surgeries. I will definitely let him know that you gave him credit. Thank you for reading our blog.

  6. Hi I am from Canada,Ontario. I am doing the blogging challenge. You guys put alot of information up. I do not know alot about Texas but I learned from your poems. I want to vist Texas. It seems interesting. Good job on the poems. Your teacher s organized.To write back vist I am very interseted in what you have to say,

  7. Gosto muito do teu lugar onde vives. Quando foste comentar ao meu blogue deixas-te esta pergunta”O que é um tamagotchi ?”. o que te posso dizer é que vou tentar fazer um post a explicar isso. Ok?


    I love your place where you live. When you comment on my blog to let you this question “What is a tamagotchi. What I can say is that I will try to make a post to explain it. Ok?

  8. Já fiz um post, sobre a tua pergunta podes ir lá ver!!


    I did a post on your question you can go see!

  9. Hello, it’s Courtney From Indiana. I found your blog through the 2009 Blogging Challenge.

    I have always wanted to go and see Texas. Some of my family’s good friends used to live down there, but then they came back to good ‘ole Indiana. Boy, was I glad when we got the news!

    Keep on blogging!

  10. What a fantastic blog. Thanks for visiting our blog and letting us know where you are. My students were very interested to read about the ‘real’ Texas. We have been reading ‘Holes’ by Louis Sachar in class, and most of the boys pictured Texas as a lot of desert area and not much else. For me personally, it is interesting to read about your state as on of my distant relatives (Thomas Lambshead) was an early settler in Texas.

    Well done guys!

    • Thank you for the comment. We will have to look up your relative and see if we can find anything. This is very interesting. Please consider listing us as one of the blogs you follow. THis will help us to make even more connections.

      • Hi again! I have added you to our bloglist, and we will certainly be back to have a closer look at what you are doing. I think Thomas Lambshead is who Lambsheat Ranch is named after and maybe a river? Not too sure!

        Happy blogging.

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