Where shall we go today?


How excited it is each day when we sign onto our classroom blog and see that another country or another state has visited our blog! We have hung a giant world map in the entryway of our school so that all can share in our excitement. You see, we are the first class on our campus to attempt blogging, but we don’t think it will remain that way for long.  The red dots represent the people who are responsible for our enthusiasm.  For that we thank each and every one of you.

Now, where shall we go today? If YOU are reading this, we ask you, “If you could visit any place in the world, where would you go and why?

53 thoughts on “Where shall we go today?

    • Thank you, Gavin for commenting on our blog. So you would go to Rome. One of our third grade teachers left for Rome last week. I cannot wait for her to return and bring pictures to class. Our principal’s daughter is currently spending the next few months in Italy as part of her college classes. They certainly didn’t have that kind of class when I was in college. I hope some day you get an opportunity to travel to Rome to fulfill your dream.

  1. Hi –
    I was born in Buffalo, NY… went to High School in San Diego, CA and started teaching in the Boston, MA area. I would love to travel to Australia with you. It is so much fun to meet people all over the world. I think this question of where you’d like to travel to is amazing.

  2. Hi, I’m one of Gavin’s classates, it is so neat to comment on your blog. If I would go anywhere in the world I would go to my ancestorial home in Scotland. I would love to go to there because I love golf and that’s where golf was invented!

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